#4 Morning routines and how I became a “morning person”

One of the many positive changes to my life during my 1 year sabbatical is the establishment of morning routines,  all of these did not come to me in some kind of epiphany but through the many podcasts I have listened to.

My routine became:

  • Awake at least 1 hour prior to leaving house (04:30 on work days) –  a previously self diagnosed “non-morning person” I used to role out of bed 10 minutes before departure, rush rush rush, skip breakfast, and into the day you go with no planning of contemplation which may have contributed to my burnout. The extra one hour is extremely valuable
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Cold Shower – effectively blasts me into wakefulness which means I have clarity of thought early on. It is a take on Tony Robbins morning ritual of the cold plunge. Often the cold can just be 20 seconds until the warm water kicks in, other times it can be up to a minute. Some days I allow a warm finish, others I finish cold. In the meantime the kettle is boiling…..
  • Bulletproof Coffee (butter and coconut oil, although more recently in attempt to cut out dairy I substituted butter for coconut cream)
  • Meditation 5-10 minutes  – an attempt to quieten the monkey brain as it shakes the cage of things going on in life. this is something I really struggle with. Basically sitting, breathing and keeping the mind as clear as possible. The Headspace app is good guided meditation,  I may subscribe. Also Calm is supposed to be good.
  • End the meditation by being grateful for 3 things however small. It’s impossible to be grateful and angry at the same time, this puts you in positive mindset for the day
  • Next are 2-5minutes of light stretches and movements
  • Daily task list and MIT list, prioritise the day and use a Most Important task list to focus the days efforts on achieving a couple of tasks that really matter.

and you are good to go…….


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