Hamilton Island Media conspiracy

A few things of note regarding syn- and post- Cyclone Debbie:

  • No media attention during worst of event whilst we still had tv and Internet?..
  • Gusts at 263km/hr vs mainland <200, yet no post damage coverage.
  • Briefly saw Seven news show fence down in Mackay…..err Hello, this island has been torn a new one! – roofs gone,dozen vessels damaged/overturned
  • Sunrise Kochie ” logistical issues in visiting Hamilton Island ” 
  • Lack of reception even via Telstra? Jamming signal? Or just distance? Will social media make up for it in due course as people get out?
  • Injuries on island?.. No word?
  • No media on island?
  • Flights in delayed until Thurs arvo? After clean up? Information not forthcoming 
  • Abc news about bakery? Positive spin?
  • Private island? Negative media a massive business risk! Who is owner? 
  • Spoke to contractors, reportedly other major on-island misdemeanours never make the media!! E.g 8 person buggy smash about 12 months ago, mugginess etc
  • Strange that excuse for late flights was damaged runway/ structural engineers reviewing and yet early morning issue of proposed flight times was first out at 9:40am. They would have known well in advance whether runway was acceptable, I.e yesterday! 
  • First choppers passed were military? Media much later in the day?? Seems odd? Good story to be had, how are they being silenced??

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