How to survive a Cat4 Cyclone – with kids

Some tips …..

  • Avoid watching sensationalist news channels – especially local. 
  • If you can get out early do so, unfortunately flights are often cancelled way in advance of bad weather actually being present. Our example Cyclone Debbie – March 2017 had flights off Hamilton Island cancelled on a beautiful Saturday, winds really only became serious on Sunday afternoon.
  • Stay in large accomodation.
  • Observe with interest humans at their most self-centred when food (and alcohol supply becomes restricted)
  • Don’t stress it, Hamilton Island has at least 10 days worth of food and booze to lock down.
  • Ignore over the top safety warnings that serve only to provide resorts with some fall back for insurance rather than actual safety of clients
  • Book hols using credit card with built in travel insurance, flights will change, hotels with charge you for extended stays, car parking will need to be rebooked (& charged) nc you may be forced to take leave without pay! Cyclones can stall 

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