The Herd (observations of people)

Following on from the Hamilton Island posts…..
So as the limited information tricked through and tourists desperately vied for position on the airport buses that travelled the 1.5km from the reef view hotel to the airport. We watched from our balcony as the masses of people expanded and waited and waited.

All had been informed of the following flight times:

The earlier flights had people departing …..early, we however had a bit of luxury time to take a stroll to the marina where we looked across to the airport from the sail club and saw… planes. And crap weather.

Figuring that the initial plans were up in the air we returned to out too and watched the masses , still in the lobby and outside loitering apparently no the wiser? Or were they following the herd in their FOMO? 

We watched as families with young kids battled to keep them calm and other simply sat disheartened knowing they had checked out of their rooms and were now in limbo.

Seemingly against the grain we chose an alternative…….don’t check out. Given we have small kids we didn’t fancy entertaining them with no plan, better to keep them in a known environment where they could , wash/shower, play, read and have fun in the way they had become accustomed over the last few days.

My wife and I also decided the clear out the mini bar and enjoy watch the frongs of the frustrated. Why would they choose that options? Why follow the herd when clearly there was no information suggestion they would be progressing towards there targets (destinations) in bizarrely inefficient practice of time use. Simply waiting. Perhaps some were working remotely thought think this unlikely given the lack of phone or internet connectivity.

Instead they were probably feeding off each other’s frustrations and growing their negative sentiment.

Blowing our own trumpet, we watched, beers/cuvée in hand, toddler having lunchtime nap as the herd waited agitatedly.

The lesson is this: when presented with a position in which you have no control, why wait for the situation to meet your initial expectation. You are powerless to change the situation but powerful to change your perception of the situation.

I.e, don’t skulk around whinging about how bad life is, go for a walk, take in the view and accept that you are stuck on a tropical island that most people on the planet will never be lucky enough to visit. Make the most of it!


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